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Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Mar 14, 2014 .

So I was getting sick last week... and of course I went to my cupboard and took some of my Oil of Oregano! It saves me every time! I take 2 to 3 drops a few times a day when I'm sick and it reduces the severity and speeds up my recovery. For those of you that don't know about the amazing powers of Oil of Oregano, here is some info about it -

Oil of Oregano has many medical properties that will help in so many healing applications from head to toe. Oil of Oregano has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Below are just a few of the many uses of certified high quality (plus 70% carvacrol) Oil of Oregano.

• A few...

Posted by in Cosmetic Ingredients on Mar 11, 2014 .

I absolutely LOVE the smell of Peppermint.... and it has lots of great health benefits too! I often diffuse Peppermint Essential Oil in my house, ESPECIALLY when I feel sick. It's surprising to find out it's beneficial for so many things. It is often termed as "the world's oldest medicine".


Health Benefits

  • Indigestion - will help your body digest food
  • Dental Care - removes bad breath and helps teeth and gums deal with germs
  • Respiratory Problems - an effective expectorant so provides relief for nasal congestions, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cold and coughs
  • Nausea and Headaches - just apply a drop to your...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Mar 08, 2014 .
If you've visited out website or read our pamphlets, you know we are highly against using chemical products in skincare products. One of the chemicals we list to avoid is petroleum or propylene glycol.

Petroleum based beauty products strip the skin’s natural barrier, leaving the immune system vulnerable.

Propylene glycol used by the cosmetics industry is also used by the automotive industry in the manufacture of anti-freeze and automotive brake fluid. In 1992, the FDA proposed a ban on propylene glycol, however there is not a warning label on products such as stick deodorants, where the concentration is greater than in most...

Posted by on Mar 05, 2014 .

Let's face it... women love to get together & they love to shop. What could possibly make the evening better? Host a Pure Spa Party! Hosting a party is the ultimate home shopping experience. You, along with your friends and family, will enjoy a fun, interactive demonstration of Pure's quality & versatile products in the comfort of your own home. We will introduce you to fabulous aromas, the beauty of all natural product and much more. A great way to entertain with your friends and earn great host specials. 


Invite a group of your friends to your house and enjoy a fun and informative pampering session with...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Mar 02, 2014 .

Now we all know smoking is bad, but hopefully this will be the last time reading about it before you get the courage to quit. Or for those of you that don’t smoke, it will help you decide to never start in the first place. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 highly damaging toxins and chemicals, which are absorbed right into the blood stream and then spread out into your body and directly into your skin (your largest organ). >When inhaling on a cigarette, not only are the chemicals affecting your body, but they are also affecting the simple way in which your eyes squint and your mouth puckers which, overtime, will create deep...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips, Facial Products on Feb 24, 2014 .

Well If you haven’t tried one of our bars of soap you’re in for a real treat. They are all made of wonderful, organic, nourishing oils that have been blended with natural colours, and pure essential oils. Our soaps are cold pressed which means the soaps are made at low temperatures and saponified (using Lye to create a chemical reaction leaving us with no chemicals just wonderful soap), helping them to retain the natural glycerin that is produced, unlike commercial soaps that use a continuous process and generally use animal fats, synthetic ingredients and fragrances.


Well I wanted to share a few tricks about our soap you may...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Feb 21, 2014 .

My New Favourite thing!!

Well I’m sure everybody knows that our skin is the largest organ we have, and the most important when it comes to eliminating toxic waste... Did you also know that the skin is the last to receive nutrients in the body, yet the first to show signs of imbalance or deficiency? How do you detoxify, nourish, and increase circulation, and stimulate your body’s lymphatic system all at once? Dry Brush.....

Dry brushing is a must to include in your daily routine.. If done correctly it should take between 10 -15 minutes to brush your whole body, this is not something you want to rush, but any time dry brushing is...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips, Facial Products on Feb 18, 2014 .

One great thing about starting this blog, is that we will be able to share with all of you our own special tips and tricks that we use ourselves with our products. We don't get to interact one on one with each and every one of you, so we don't always get to share our little secrets with you. Today our tip is with our newest (and my personal favourite) product. Our Make-Up Remover is gentle enough for all skin types and won't dry out your skin or clog your pores.

It's really easy to use. Just apply a few pumps to a cotton ball, or what I use, an organic cotton pad and wipe away the make-up from your eyes. One of our tips is to get the...

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