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Posted by in Skin Care Tips on March 23, 2014 . .
Strawberry season has been the most recent berry harvest to come and go. Strawberries in addition to being a significant source of ellagic acid (see Berries Blog), are also great sources of magnesium, calcium and folates. However because strawberries have a notoriuously short shelf life they should be used within two days of purchase or they will begin to lose their nutrients. This is one of the many reasons we believe that buying local produce is so important.

The most beneficial effect strawberries have is on the skin They contain alpha hydroxyl acid which sloughs off dead skin and lets the healthy new skin underneath come through. They also contain high levels of sacylic acid the chemical found in most, if not all, commercial acne products. Conjointly Sacyllic acid can help to treat discolouration in the skin - sun damage for example. As well, strawberries are incredibly easy to prepare. You can simply crush them to use as a mask for acne prone skin, (no other ingredients needed) or place strawberry slices under the eyes for ten minutes to help reduce under eye puffines after a long day or night. They are great for the hair too and can be used in hair masks to make your hair glossy and well conditioned.

Because this years season was so late and so short, we had to find different ways to get rid of all of our extra berries. This was our favourite:

Honey, Avacado, and Strawberry Face Mask
- 5 to 6 strawberries
- half an avocado
- 1 tbs. of honey

-Mash up avacado and strawberries with a fork or similar utensil.
-Stir in honey
-Apply generously to clean face* and neck let sit for approximately fifteen minutes then rinse off with luke warm water and facecloth if desired.
-Follow up with your favourite Pure Daily Essentials moisturiser

*Had a rough week? Apply our eye makeup remorver liberally to surrounding eye area and mouth, or anywhere your skin needs a bit of extra TLC under the mask.

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Last update: March 16, 2014

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