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Tips and Tricks - Soaps

Posted by in Skin Care Tips, Facial Products on February 24, 2014 . .

Well If you haven’t tried one of our bars of soap you’re in for a real treat. They are all made of wonderful, organic, nourishing oils that have been blended with natural colours, and pure essential oils. Our soaps are cold pressed which means the soaps are made at low temperatures and saponified (using Lye to create a chemical reaction leaving us with no chemicals just wonderful soap), helping them to retain the natural glycerin that is produced, unlike commercial soaps that use a continuous process and generally use animal fats, synthetic ingredients and fragrances.


Well I wanted to share a few tricks about our soap you may not already know...

- First of all they need to be kept as dry as possible. They will rapidly disappear if left in water or even   in a really humid environment. I like to use a wooden soap dish with draining holes in it.

- Another trick to get the most out of your soap is to cut the bar in half and use half at a time. That way the other half stays completely dry.

- Our soap is like wine the longer it sits the better it will be!

- Have you tried it on your face? If not do so tonight .. It is a wonderful facial cleanser. They don’t dry out your skin or harshly strip it of its natural oils.

- Also it has been known to be wonderful on hair. We have numerous ladies and gentlemen using it in their hair (all short) and rave about it! I only use it in my kids hair and I find their hair stays clean a lot longer than what it used to using other natural shampoos.

- Also are you having house guests? It is always nice to show off the wonderful soap you buy, but it isn’t always nice sharing your soap. So next time cut a piece off and place it on a folded towel either in your guest bath or in their room for an added touch!

Well I really hope you enjoy your soap as much as I do.. It always feels great when I know I am using safe, natural products on me and my family with the added bonus of it smelling and feeling amazing!

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Last update: March 16, 2014
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