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Smoking… and your Skin

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on March 02, 2014 . .

Now we all know smoking is bad, but hopefully this will be the last time reading about it before you get the courage to quit. Or for those of you that don’t smoke, it will help you decide to never start in the first place. Cigarette smoke contains more than 4000 highly damaging toxins and chemicals, which are absorbed right into the blood stream and then spread out into your body and directly into your skin (your largest organ). >When inhaling on a cigarette, not only are the chemicals affecting your body, but they are also affecting the simple way in which your eyes squint and your mouth puckers which, overtime, will create deep wrinkles and creases. Adding to insult, your skin overtime will also start looking greyish and loose it’s elasticity, making it very easy to tell a smoker from a non smoker. Smoking cigarettes dramatically reduces the ability for the skin to efficiently regenerate itself – smoking causes narrowing of blood vessels at the top layers of the skin, which in turn reduces blood supply to the skin. It is the reduced blood supply which causes a reduction in the availability of oxygen (which is necessary for all living cells) and the removal of waste products, dead cell fragments etc… This thickens the blood and reduces the levels of collagen in the skin (it is actually because of this that smoking is also associated with slow or incomplete healing of wounds). First off to stop the harmful effects on your skin STOP SMOKING. Then once you have stopped, drinking plenty of water, eating a clean diet high in fresh antioxidant rich foods and using the right skin care products (with NO chemicals), is going to get you on a fast track to better skin. 

We, Pure Daily Essential have amazing products containing essential oils that have been proven to regenerate and penetrate the layers of skin all the way down to the dermal layer where new cells are formed. Its never too late to turn your skin around.

Contact me at any time to discuss how we can get your skin looking its best. 

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