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Posted by in Cosmetic Ingredients on February 15, 2014 . .

I used to think I was pretty up to date with keeping myself looking and feeling young, I constantly strive to maintain clean eating habits, I take good care of my skin as often as a mom of 3 can, and I treat my self to a facial about once a month. I also take minerals, vitamins and oils to assist in my routine, and drink plenty of water. But when I found out my friend was getting Botox done I was shocked. I was only 27 at the time and she is younger than me... What is this world coming to? Are we supposed to stop looking as though we aged after 18? Then I started asking around and it felt as thought I was the ONLY one not doing it. I do want to age gracefully, and I do strive to look younger than I am, but injecting my face with poison so I can have the same happy mad silly sad expression doesn’t do it for me!

Here is what I have found in my research:
Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin A, the poisonous bacterium that causes botulism and, in large doses, can be fatal. The treatment, using highly diluted amounts of the toxin, consists of injections into the facial muscles whose over activity produces skin wrinkles, often prematurely. Botox weakens the muscle at the point of entry, diminishing its ability to contract and, thus, smoothing out the skin above. The effect isn't permanent, within about four months, the muscle returns to normal strength, requiring a new injection to sustain the effect.
Botox does pose risks, even when administered by skilled clinicians; those risks are multiplied in the hands of physicians who are untrained in the intricacies of facial anatomy. Too much Botox in the wrong area can create distortions ranging from droopy eyelids and raised brows to loss of facial expression.
I have passed on this information to my friends in hopes that they will think twice about getting it done again. Hopefully after reading this blog you will too!

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