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Posted by in Skin Care Tips on March 26, 2014 . .
Blueberries are one of our favourite berries. Being at the peak of our blueberry season here in BC we wanted to share some of their surprising esthetic benefits. 
The blueberry has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit, vegetable, or spice. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals within your system, which contribute to the natural degradation of your cells, which cause your skin and body to age. Blueberries can help to reduce both visible signs of aging like wrinkles and the nonvisible aging of organs within your body. In addition they contain vitamin A, which is commonly found in off the shelf acne products. This along with other vitamins found within blueberries can help to counteract the hormone conditions, which are conducive to acne and help to regulate the oil levels in your skin. The blueberry also has a very high vitamin C content, just 140 g contain 30% of your daily recommended dosage. This boost of vitamin C will not only help prevent premature aging but can also be used to prevent or treat splotchy skin and spider veins by strengthening the walls of veins found just beneath your skin. 
Blueberries also have a higher fiber content which helps regulate digestion and prevent constipation. Although not directly beneficial to the skin this will help you to remove wastes and toxins from your body, which will lead to healthier looking skin over all. Blueberries have also been found to improve memory and to help reduce stress on the brain and belly fat. Best of all they lose almost none of their nutrients in the freezing process, making them the healthiest choice to keep around long after the season is over
My Favorite Place to get blueberries is from my neighbour . They are picked fresh daily and only sold the day they are picked. And they are only picked if they are big and dark in colour! They are also NOT sprayed which is VERY important as berries of all kind that are sprayed are worse for you than not eating them at all.
I have got a great deal for all of our customers. They will sell us the blueberries for $1.75 per pound. They must be ordered ahead of time, then picked up at the farm. It's in Langley on 40th and 240th st. Call me anytime to put an order in. Remember to order enough so you can freeze a few months worth as they are great any time of the year….. 604-8978-2839
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Last update: March 16, 2014

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