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Posted by in Skin Care Tips on March 20, 2014 . .

Berry season here in B.C. is hard to miss, it seems as if  there is a berry farm everywhere you turn. On the drive from Langley to Chilliwack there are five off of the highway alone. Almost everyone will tell you that fresh berries are a healthy supplement to your diet, but few people really know why. To get in the spirit of the local berry season we wanted to share what we know about strawberries, blueberries, raspberrys, and blackberries with you. 

The most obvious health benefit that all these berries share are high levels of vitamin C which boosts the immune system and helps to keep you from feeling run down and stressed. They also share high levels of antioxidants which promote younger looking skin and reduce skin sagging among other things. Specifically they all contain ellagic acid, a decidedly potent antioxidant which has been known to help prevent different cancers and lower cholesterol. Strawberries in particular contain high levels of this chemical. These berries all also fall in the low end of the glycemic index and serve as the easiest of snacks between meals or for young children, simply rinse, serve and eat. However it is best to find a farm that does not spray their berries.

 Watch later on for more information on the benefits of the individual berries, and for great recipes to eat or wear!


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