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Posted by in Facial Products on Nov 08, 2014 .

Every wonder what products you should order to use in your daily skin care routine? Let us help you out!


Posted by in Cosmetic Ingredients on Oct 12, 2014 .

Our natural ingredients are beneficial to your skin. Our products contain only natural ingredients and are chemical and paraben free.


Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Oct 12, 2014 .

Follow these skin care tips for Radiant Skin.

Always wash your hands before touching your face. Those germs are the biggest cause of skin breakouts, so don't touch your face or apply anything to your face without washing them first.

Massaging your facial skin can help stimulate skin cells to release collagen, which helps restore elasticity and firmness that we lose with age.

Before showering in the morning, exfoliate your skin. Getting rid of dead skin cells helps your skin glow and will improve cirulation and reduce puffiness.

Moisturizers & serums...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Oct 12, 2014 .

Caring for your skin means first being aware of the right products to complement your skin type. Skin types can change at different points in your life, such as season to season or during your menstrual cycle. You may need to change your routine accordingly during these times.



  • Neither oily or dry
  • Very few variances in pigment
  • Blemish free
  • Appears smooth and clear

Try our Facial Cleansing Bar


  • Flaky, dry or red patches
  • Tight appearance with small pores
  • Wrinkles and lines may develop more easily

Try our Revive Hydrations Mist featuring Sandalwood


  • Shiny...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Mar 26, 2014 .
Blueberries are one of our favourite berries. Being at the peak of our blueberry season here in BC we wanted to share some of their surprising esthetic benefits. 
The blueberry has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any fruit, vegetable, or spice. Antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals within your system, which contribute to the natural degradation of your cells, which cause your skin and body to age. Blueberries can help to reduce both visible signs of aging like wrinkles and the nonvisible aging of organs within your body. In addition they contain vitamin A, which is commonly found in off the shelf acne...

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Mar 23, 2014 .
Strawberry season has been the most recent berry harvest to come and go. Strawberries in addition to being a significant source of ellagic acid (see Berries Blog), are also great sources of magnesium, calcium and folates. However because strawberries have a notoriuously short shelf life they should be used within two days of purchase or they will begin to lose their nutrients. This is one of the many reasons we believe that buying local produce is so important.

The most beneficial effect strawberries have is on the skin They contain alpha hydroxyl acid which sloughs off dead skin and lets the healthy new skin underneath come through....

Posted by in Skin Care Tips on Mar 20, 2014 .

Berry season here in B.C. is hard to miss, it seems as if  there is a berry farm everywhere you turn. On the drive from Langley to Chilliwack there are five off of the highway alone. Almost everyone will tell you that fresh berries are a healthy supplement to your diet, but few people really know why. To get in the spirit of the local berry season we wanted to share what we know about strawberries, blueberries, raspberrys, and blackberries with you. 

The most obvious health benefit that all these berries share are high levels of vitamin C which boosts the immune system and helps to keep you from feeling run down and stressed. They also...

Posted by in Facial Products on Mar 17, 2014 .
Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anyone, regardless of size, gender, or strength, yet the problem is often overlooked, excused, or denied.

On average, every 6 days a woman in Canada is killed by her intimate partner. In 2009, 67 women were murdered by a current or former spouse or boyfriend.

  • On any given day in Canada, more than 3000 women (along with their 2500 children) are living in an emergency shelter to escape domestic violence.
  • The cost of violence against women in Canada for health care, criminal justice, social services, and lost wages and productivity has been calculated at $4.2 billion per year.
  • Like all...
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